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Welcome to the Pseudo Heroes online comic strip website. A Pseudo Hero is an extraordinary crime fighter with ordinary powers. There are at least 16 different Pseudo Heroes in our comic strips, but the most popular of all is the world famous Wonder Bra Woman. Each full 6-panel comic will load on every page for easy viewing, and the comics are linked in sequence so you won't miss a single strip.   Thanks for visiting and have fun!
COMING SOON . . . Wonder Bra Woman T-shirts, Mugs & Mouse pads . . . and the First Comic Book Issue of Pseudo Heroes Comix . . . so stay tooned!
Wonder Bra WomanWonder Bra Woman 
Introduction  Meet our most famous Pseudo Hero!
The Formative Years (part 1)  WBW's childhood antics
The Formative Years (part 2)   Randy Corrigan gets his 

Alcoholic ManAlcoholic Man & Shooter Boy 
Introduction   Role models for the drunken classes 
Apprehended  Cruisin' and boozin' 
The Shakes  Alcoholic Man's true identity 

Family ManFamily Man
Introduction   A family of Pseudo Heroes, even a dog. 
At the Bank  Crooks don't stand a fat chance 
Career Day  Bring  your Daddy to school, only if he's cool
Family Vacation  Another typical Pseudo Vacation 

Inner Child ManInner Child Man 
Introduction  Includes unusual flashback scene 
Suicide?  Maybe it was poison soap-on-a-rope 

One Hit WondersOne Hit Wonders 
Introduction  Six different Pseudo Heroes to inspire you 
I Look Like The POPE  Man  The likeness? it's the ears! 
Hay Man  This rural Hero is in amateur full-color 
Man of Mirrors  The very first Pseudo Hero 
Profanity Man  I hope you all just !@#*!*#!@$* ! 
Ceiling Fan Man  How to become a Pseudo Hero 
Tribute to Charles Schulz  The best hero is a dead hero 

WallyWally - The Amazing 
Psychic Hand Puppet 

Wally Introduction  Meet Wally and  be forever changed 
Wally goes to hell  Wally meets Lady Di, O.J., Hitler, etc. 
Wally goes to Heaven  Includes the title bout Jesus vs. Elvis
Wally sells a vacuum  Outsmarted by Aunt Jemima again 
Wally for President!  Put a puppet in the White House 
Y2K Predictions #1  Dan Rather and Connie Chung 
Y2K predictions #2  Art Bell, Spielberg & Pope Hillary 
Fine Arts Gallery   Vintage pics from Wally's early years

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