Who are Bentley & Martens?

 Pseudo Heroes, and Wally - The Amazing Psychic Hand Puppet are weekly comic strips created by the team of Bentley & Martens, two guys whose friendship dates back to the 3rd grade at Mill Valley Elementary school in Muskego WI. They now live thousands of miles apart but use the internet extensively to communicate about their work. Read on to learn more about these two.

BentleyBentley, age 42, writes Pseudo Heroes and Wally. Originally from Wisconsin, he now lives in California's Central Coast region with his nearly 100 year old Grandfather and three cats. "I started writing comic strips because the band I was in, 'Hank & The Dankmeyers,' didn't earn a nickel. Judge for yourselves, is the world ready yet? "Most of Bentley's time, though, is spent on his 1/2 acre, 9 hole, backyard golf course - He is, in fact, a "Man of Leisure". And get this, ladies . . . He's Single!!



MartensMartens, age 42, draws Pseudo Heroes and Wally. Martens is happily married with 3 kids, and runs a small business in southeast Wisconsin. An Art School drop-out, Martens was always told his work was "too cartoony" (and indeed it is). But "cartoony" seems to work well with comics. Influenced by the under- ground comix of the early 70's, Martens enjoys the collaboration with Bentley, "Now I don't have to think at all, just draw!"

The Mill Valley Men

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