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Wally & Spunky

Wally is the amazing, well dressed,
psychic hand puppet.
He is equipped with a specially designed, patent pending, high-performance, papier-mâché
crystal ball brain.
His pinpoint accuracy to delve into the future is most uncanny and macabre. And, if he's so inclined, he'll even predict past events with Alex Trebec like skills....

Wally is 81 years old in puppet years. But, like his weight,
his age tends to fluctuate.
When he was an embryo
he was really young....

(Wally in the paper womb, photo left)

Wally's hobbies include:
Building Antiques and helping chickens cross the road so that they may be eaten.
His favorite past-time activity, though, is reading spine-tingling dot-to-dot coloring books.
Wally is able to "speed read" in slow motion.

Wally does not guess people's names, weight, or age, nor answer questions concerning love, money, and success. He is not some freak-of-nature novelty act at some cotton candy carnival side-show. Wally does not endorse the use of Ouija Boards, Magic 8 Balls, Tarot Cards, or, any 800 number psychic phone service.
Wally calls those, "Satan's Toys."
Trust in Jesus. Wally and Jesus.
On the back of Wally's little puppet head the numerals 665 appear in red semi-gloss paint.
That, and the phrase, "I like to cha cha cha!"

Spunky is a kooky little monkey who likes to eat dirt.
He's Wally's official friend
and monkey mascot.
Spunky doesn't talk very much, but, at festive events and cocktail parties he does like to smile real loud.
Once, after he drank 97 domestic and imported beers, he nibbled on insects and the crowd roared in delight.
Spunky tells me "goats" want world peace.

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